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We, Suzy & Mireille, are putting our creative sides together and started:
SuMii styling & photography.

Soon we will have our first advertisement in the Ridgefield Press and a
little story about how it all began. You are the first ones to see a small
preview what we can do, and the possibilities are endless, we have so much
ideas we can't even show you all, so here is just a small
glimse in our creative world of SuMii.

Our first project is Valentine's Day Portraits.
We did a shoot with Jasmine & Juliet to show the public what we can do.
Of course the phenominal pictures are taken by Suzy and the styling and work around it I did.
So the plan is to take pictures on a regular basis, mostly with a theme, and to make it
easy for you as a client we create cards out of the pictures. We can do hard copy cards and
digital cards. 

Some of the projects we have in mind are: Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Day at
the beach, Grandparent's Day, Fall family photo shoot, Halloween, Fall foliage, Adoption Day &
Christmas. And of course in between these shoots, we are open for any portraits or shoots with you
and your family. 

Just drop us an email to set up an appointment.

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